Kids swim classes

Swim and Survive Program

In partnership with The Royal Life Saving Society, our Swim and Survive programs are designed to help your child learn crucial water safety skills and healthy habits that they’ll carry throughout their lives.

The program has eleven levels in the curriculum progressing through the development of fundamental skills and moving to the acquisition and application of skills in line with the National Swimming and Water Safety Framework. The framework sets milestones in eight areas, and benchmarks for 6, 12 & 17 year old children. 

Our Centres offer the RLSSA Little Wonders program for children under three years of age, and levels 1-7 of the RLSSA Swim & Survive Program for children over three years of age in our Learn to Swim classes.

This comprehensive pathway is followed by a comprehensive squad program.

Classes are segmented for pre-school age children and school-age children to best cater for the cognitive, social, and physical development of our participants.

Student in Little Wonders swim school class at Ulladulla Leisure Centre

Little Wonders

A water familiarisation program for parents and their children aged 6 - 36 months.

Lesson duration: 30 mins

Ratio: 1:3-8

Days: Monday - Saturday (mornings)

Little Wonders is a child-centred program which is taught with a parent or carer and child together in the water. They use songs, games and activities to teach children a variety of skills.

Little Wonders has four (4) levels arranged in age groups.

The highest level aims to transition parents out of the water by the upper age range. Each class may have a combination of parents in the water participating, parents supervising, or parents out of the water depending on the age, ability and confidence of each student.

Student in Swim & Survive swimming lesson at Ulladulla Leisure Centre

Swim & Survive

Level 1: Aim to gain confidence in submersion, front/back float, unassisted kick with an aid, and unassisted glide front and back.

Level 2: Aim to extend level 1 skills with gliding and kicking with an aid over a longer distance, and develop a basic freestyle over 5m.

Level 3: Aim to develop side breathing skills in freestyle and introduce backstroke 10m. A survival sequence to simulate an accidental fall-in is also developed.

Level 4: Aim to develop bi-lateral breathing in freestyle 15m, improve backstroke 15m and develop a breaststroke kick 10m.

Level 5: Aim to extend freestyle/backstroke 25m, and breaststroke 15m.

Level 6: Aim is to extend freestyle/backstroke 50m, breaststroke 25m, and introduce butterfly (dolphin) kick over 10m. The extension skill at this level is the ability to complete a continuous swim of 200m.

Level 7: Consolidate all skills of swimming, safety and survival. Our extensions include Freestyle/Backstroke 100m, Breaststroke75m, Butterfly 10m, and a continuous swim of at least 400m.

A photo of a group of children in a pool resting on the lane divider and smiling at the camera.

Holiday swim school programs

Looking to enrol your child in a week or two-week program designed to fast-track their progress through the above stages and continue your child’s aquatic education throughout the holidays?

Get in touch with your nearest centre and ask about our intensive holiday swimming lessons program today.


Name Price
Parents and babies (per class) $17.50
Pre school and school age (per class) $17.50
Squad training POA
3rd and subsequent child enrolled per family (per class) $13.15
Private lesson - 30 min (1:1 only) $55.50
Private lesson - 15 min (1:1 only) $30.70

Learn to Swim & Survive - Every third and subsequent child enrolled per family receives a 25% discount. Term 3 fees may vary to those listed. Fees payable via fortnightly direct debit agreement of $35.00 per fortnight based on full course fees.

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